What is GPS Vehicle Tracking System ?

System that is developed to determine the location of your Vehicle almost anywhere on Earth

My dad is on the road in his Vehicle can i check where he is ?

Yes you can, you have to login through our website and locate him on the map or we will provide you a client software where you   can open it with your username,password and locate him on the map.

What if i am away from my computer ? or i have no internet at home? can i still locate him ?

Yes, you can simply send a SMS to the number we provide you, and you will get a reply with a google maps link with your dads exact location. When you click the link, the map will open automatically and a pointer will drop at the location.

What are the other features that i can get other than tracking ?

You can get amazing features like Stopping the Vehicle from your mobile, Get Over Speed Alerts, Geo Fencing, Call WireTapping etc..

I have a galaxy tab, Can i stop the vehicle with it ? and how do i stop the vehicle 

Yes, You can stop the vehicle with any mobile phone which supports SMS. You have to simply send a SMS to your Vehicle number that we provide to you.