Nano Coating

NANO Coating for car paint protection visit

Tekno-Track Ceramic coating ™ is a long-term ceramic (or ‘glass’) nano coating which bonds directly to the vehicles surface .The advanced nano technology allows this protective coating to repel dust,bird droppings and water ~85% better than traditional waxes and sealants, meaning the car will stay glossier, cleaner, and newer for longer. Enjoy the deep gloss shine that no other product can match.Lasts 5x Longer Than Most Other Brands

Nano-coating protects the bodywork, increases weather and UV resistance and even reduces corrosion. Our sealant is acid, alkali, water and alcohol resistant. The car paint remains blemish free for longer and the need for cleaning will be minimised.




No visual changes
Long lasting protection with 5 years warranty
Beading effect of aqueous substances
Car wash and jet wash resistant
Saves money on cleaning agents
Bugs and dirt can be removed easily
Long lasting dirt and contaminant protection
At the speed of 60 km/h there is no need to use wipers- air resistance removes rain drops
Easiness of removing dirt (“easy-to-clean” effect) i.e. insects, mud, dust, snow and frost
Relatively little costs of the product compared to its advantages (economy in wipers use, windscreen washer and rare use of car wash)