Why GPS Tracking

  • Keep a watchful eye over your vehicles
  • Keep detailed reports of your drivers routes and times
  • Have logged and printable data about trips and stops
  • Speed Reports by vehicle
  • Help your business grow by maximizing your drivers time
  • Eliminate paper reporting and logging


Automates administration

  • Schedules and verifies service intervals.
  • Improve Safety
  • Monitor & Control Excessive Speeds
  • Efficient Communication
  • Plans routes to take vehicles in for service (large vehicles/equipment).
  • Records employee hours and kilometres travelled.

Quicker reaction time

  • Allows for real time decision making on events.
  • Detects Side Jobs
  • Improves Response Time and Customer Service
  • Monitors Driver Activities
  • Provides real time accountability of drivers and assets.

Lower maintenance costs

  • Reduces speeding, preventing excessive engine and tire wear.
  • Reduces Fuel and Maintenance Costs
  • Reduces Delay and Time Spent at Unauthorized Locations
  • Allows for verification of service intervals to stop major costs before they occur.
  • Reduces unauthorised out-of-hours usage, reducing kilometres travelled (saves on fuel and maintenance).

More control

  • Stops unauthorised activities involving company resources e.g. using it for external business or personal usage of plant equipment
  • Identifies such activities and stops it immediately.
  • Reduces theft by tracking out-of-hours usage and movement outside of designated geographical regions. Increases likelihood of retrieving a stolen vehicle.

Efficient route planning

  • Monitors driver locations in real time for time sensitive dispatch and delivery.
  • Plans best delivery routes into one sequential route instead of doubling back past locations.